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Warrick Smith, describes his own Z-LASIK 6D results

I had my eyesight corrected by Dr Juhás using the Z-LASIK procedure in July. Whilst I was back in Prague on business in November, he gave me a full check up. This involved full corneal scans on both eyes, and I’m going to share these with you to illustrate the success of my procedure. Each chart has three pictures - from left to right they are my eye pre-op in June 2015, then post-op in Nov 2015 and finally the difference between them.


Chart 1 shows the corneal curvature of my right eye.

The column on the left - Exam A taken pre-op in June 2015 - shows my corneal dioptric values labelled K1 and K2. They are not the same value and this shows that my cornea is curved differently top to bottom as it is side to side - it is astigmatic. This means that rays of light entering the eye are focussed onto two different points, resulting in blurred double vision - typical for astigmatism. Subtracting K2 from K1 shows us how serious my astigmatism is - in this case, -3.5 diopters. You can clearly see this represented in the scan by way of the higher dioptric values showing as the red colour, and the lower as the green. My cornea was not round :-)


The middle column - Exam B - shows the same eye post-op 6 months later in Nov 2015. Firstly, you can see that the K1 and K2 dioptric values in the two opposing planes of my cornea are identical - hence the astigmatism is now ZERO. In the central optical zone, there is now a complete absence of the red dioptric values, and dominance of the neutral yellow coded dioptric values. The final column on the right - Exam C - shows the difference between the before and after - in other words this is a precise representation of where diopters were added and removed from my right cornea. You can clearly see the reshaping that the laser has carried out.


These corneal scans are just one of the pre and post surgical checks that we carry out. We check all the other aspects of your ocular health too, and to the same level of exacting detail. But this particular aspect of our examination of your eye really does highlight how incredibly precise our results are when you trust us to perfect your vision.


As a final note - you might wonder what my actual vision is like now? Well, I’ve gone from 20/50 - I couldn’t see much at all without my glasses - to 20/12 - that’s three steps better than 20/20 pilot standard vision :-) The results have hugely exceeded my expectations and I can honestly say that I enjoy my life so much more each day as a result. One of the best decisions of my life :-)”