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Laser eye surgery with OFTUM

“I enjoy an active lifestyle and the idea of not having my glasses in the way, or a lens popping out of place during a bike ride or game of squash was hugely appealing! Unfortunately, the price of surgery with a UK company was simply too high to consider, and they felt too corporate and not patient-centred enough. I was extremely fortunate that someone suggested to me that I look to Oftum in Prague as an alternative. After getting in touch I was completely taken aback by the quality of healthcare and expertise on offer.”

Why should you pay over-the-odds in the UK if you can get the most advanced treatment at a far more reasonable cost in Prague, Czech Republic? There are no compromises with our approach - all procedures are Wavefront optimised. Our surgical team is among the most highly experienced in Europe, in all three generations of laser eye surgery. We also charge a fixed price per procedure - you won’t be paying higher prices if you have a high prescription.

Using the information from your Initial Consultation Form, our surgeons make a preliminary assessment of your suitability for laser eye surgery. Once we’ve assessed you, we will also be able to recommend the best procedure for you - we have all the options available - PRK, Z-LASIK, as well as the revolutionary ReLEx SMILE technology - the latest and most advanced method of laser eye surgery - minimally invasive and painless.

Generally, your stay in Prague will be over 2 nights. Our optometrist, Kristýna, can give you all the help you need in getting all of your key arrangements made, including flights, airport transfers and hotel bookings. You’ll receive a full itinerary from us once all the arrangements have been made. And once you’re on your way, Kristýna and our English speaking team in Prague are only a phone call away if you need any further help.

Once you arrive, our optometrist will conduct a full eye examination with you and will finalise our recommendation of the right procedure for you. On the second day, you will have your procedure. Typically, we treat both eyes on the same day. Your surgeon will discuss your procedure with you before it takes place and assess it after it is complete, ensuring that you are completely comfortable with all aspects of your treatment. You can leave when you feel comfortable to do so after relaxing in our lounge and then rest as much as possible for the remainder of the day.

We’ll conduct a full eye assessment and reiterate your aftercare instructions on Day 3. When your aftercare appointment is complete, you’re free to travel home. You’ll be provided with a direct-to-surgeon aftercare email to address any questions you may have once home, and our optometrist will also be available should you need any further advice.

So what’s the cost? In addition to the cost of your surgery (£750– £1050 per eye), for a three day trip we recommend that you allow around £300. This should comfortably cover your flights, hotel, airport transfers and your evening meals. Don’t forget to allow a little extra spending money though :-)

If you’d like to get in touch, please call us on 00 420 734 315 588, email us on info@oftum.co.uk or fill out our Contact Form. If you have already decided that you would like to go ahead, please submit your Initial Consultation Form. We look forward to helping you!